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Welcome to our tour. We are particularly proud of our facility and we would enjoy showing it to you.

Tour 3- The Stained Glass and Artwork

View of Stained Glass wall The stained glass window was designed and installed by Wilmark Studios, Inc in New York. It represents a portrayal of the relationship between man and God, a soaring visual interpretation of the Mourner's Kaddish. The stained glass encloses a separate space with its own roof and distinctive form. The departed reposes here during the service. The central element of the window is a tree symbolizing the Tree of Life and the Torah. The window depicts the passage of time on two levels, the four seasons and the life cycle.


Stained Glass closeup The Mourner's Kaddish is an affirmation of faith as depicted in the passage at the bottom of the window which is also the Dorfman logo "The Soul of Man is the Lamp of the Lord".


Stained Glass Doves
The lower left represents spring, with the first growth in the fields and protective parent doves feeding their babies. Summer is shown with full vibrant greens and bright light in the top left. The cycle continues on the lower right with swirling winds and the red, burgundy and rust tones of autumn. The crystal cool tones on the top right speak of winter and a completion of a year, returning to the rebirth of spring and an eternal continuation. Rays of light radiate from the top left illuminating the entire scene, representing the divinity within each life that continues forever.


Torah Girl

Trio Hassidic
Rich oils, lithographs, and other original works of art adorn the walls, depicting the Jewish heritage and promoting serenity and comfort.
Menorah Women


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