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Funeral Advanced Planning Information Sheet

The following questionnaire will show many of the items to be considered when pre-planning funeral arrangements. It is divided into 5 sections. Do not worry if you cannot answer every single question right now.

Advanced planning of a funeral and pre-paying a funeral (pre-arranged) are two entirely different things... it is not necessary to pre-pay funeral arrangement in order to do an advanced plan, but of course it is necessary to create an advanced plan if one wishes to have a pre-arranged, pre-paid funeral. Properly prepared pre-arranged funerals are covered by statutes and involve contracts.

If you are interested in pre-paid funeral arrangements, at The Dorfman Chapel we offer only guaranteed pre-arranged funeral contracts. This means that even though the costs of funeral go up every year, the guaranteed contract protects against this inflation. Payments are escrowed and are transferable in case you move out of the area and wish to use another provider. Similarly, if you already have a properly executed pre-paid arrangement with another provider you should be able to transfer it to The Dorfman Chapel.

Whether you are anticipating utilizing a prepaid contract for a funeral or just wish to have the funeral home and/or your family know the information and preferences needed to arrange a funeral, this is the place to start.

One of the advantages of a family run funeral home is the personalized service you will receive. Please do not feel constrained by the information asked in this form. We encourage you to contact us and discuss your needs. We are dedicated to serving our community in a professional, dignified, and compassionate manner.

To begin: before you start filling out the form we suggest you review/print ALL the questions so you will have an idea what information is being requested. When you are finished gathering the information you can fill in and print out your responses and, if you like, the form can be sent online to us. In the interest of privacy, we do not allow you to 'register', partially fill out the form, and then come back online to complete the form. No online/database record is maintained of your responses, and if you decide to not send your responses to us at the end of the process then there is no record being maintained. However, if you don't send in your responses to us, be sure you print out a copy for yourself, otherwise the information will be lost. In either case (sending us your responses online, or not) you can then discuss your requirements with us and we will then be able to refine, suggest, and if you desire, set up a pre-arranged, escrowed contract of services.

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