Funeral Services As Covid-19 Restrictions Are Eased

Outdoor/Graveside Services Recommended

Consistent with the best medical advice and rabbinical restrictions, outdoor/graveside services are recommended. Restrictions on the number of attendees however might be imposed.

Funeral Services in Our Chapel

When outdoor/graveside services are not practical, funeral services may now be held in our chapel, adhering to governmental and rabbinical restrictions, which insure the health and safety of families, visitors and staff. Currently, chapel services are limited to 18 attendees. In the event that too many people attend, we must limit entrance. We apologize for the inconvenience, however, the health and safety of our families and friends are our highest priorities. We want you to know the continuing processes we undertake to ensure this safety. Physical distancing should still be practiced.

Hygiene and Sanitation

We routinely perform environmental cleaning/sanitizing throughout this facility, such as countertops, doorknobs, bathrooms, tabletops, chairs, pews, and all other frequently touched surfaces, and provide hand sanitizers (>60% alcohol content) and sanitizing wipes throughout this facility.

Physical Distancing

  • We ask those of you feeling unwell to forego attending this public service.
  • We recommend that you do not kiss, hug or shake hands with other attendees.
  • We have marked certain seating areas as being unavailable and we encourage you to observe your own physical distancing in those areas still open for seating. For more information see Seating in the Chapel.
  • For the safety of others we request you wear a mask. We hope you will bring your own high quality mask but we do have some disposable masks which we request, after use, you will either take home or toss into one of the trash recepticles (please do not leave them in the pews). We encourage you to also wear gloves.
  • For men who wish to wear a kippah and did not bring their own we do have kippahs you may have and keep, and we request, after use, you take home with you (please do not leave them in the pews).
  • In the event that too many people show up for a funeral we apologize but reserve the right to limit attendance based both on our own assessment and any other restrictions that may still apply. Currently, restrictions allow no more than 18 attendees for indoor venues.

Guest Book

There is a registration booklet at the entrance to the chapel and we ask you to sign in, and then use the sanitizer next to it for your hands.

Recording of Service

Many of our funeral services are recorded (video and audio) and many are also live stream broadcasted. These recordings are also available after the service via our website with the permission of the family. You should be aware that your image and possibly your voice could be captured by the recordings.

After the Service

When the service is over we ask that you to continue to observe physical distancing and not crowd the aisles nor impede the flow from the exits.

Thank You

We thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions or concerns please ask one us. Or use our Contact Us page.

Alan and Jonathan Dorfman

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