Seating Arrangements in the Age of Social Distancing

For the safety of everyone and in order to accommodate physical distancing practices The Dorfman Chapel has designated certain rows in the chapel to not be used, and we have designated certain areas within an open row to not be used for seating.

        CLOSED ROW
This sign is placed at an entrance to a row of pews to indicate the row should not be used:
row closed sign
This sign is placed within a row to indicate you should not sit at that spot. This is done to ensure people within the row can maintain physical distancing:
seat closed sign

To facilitate the accommodation of various group sizes we request that single attendees or couples to please sit on the pews on the left side of the chapel, and families of 3+ people who wish to sit next to each other to use the right side pews in the chapel. We ask that you respect the closed rows/seats restrictions or speak to staff if the layout does not accommodate your needs.

Singles single person or couples couple image Please use pews on the left
Families of 3 or more family image Please use pews on the right

And of course we ask that you keep the front row pews reserved for the immediate family of the deceased, and for those who will be speakers or pall bearers.

When the service ends we ask that you try to respect physical distancing when exiting the chapel and not crowd the aisles nor congregate by the exit doors.

Please don't crowd Exit Icon single person..... family image..... family image..... couple image..... couple image..... single person.....

We thank you for your understanding.