We hope you can easily find the information you are looking for on our site and that the navigation is intuitive.

The top of the page- The top of each page has a small photo of a part of the chapel, and the name and phone number of the chapel. If you click in the area of the name/phone you will be taken to a page giving directions to the chapel.

The Menu Bar- Beneath the chapel name/phone is a menu bar that takes you to the various sections of our site. Move your mouse over the section of interest and click.

Menu bar options- Here is some more information on the various sections of our site available from the menu bar:

About Us- This is the main page for the site and gives information about why the chapel exists and some of the features and advantages of using our facility.

Services Available- This section details the various services available that The Dorfman Chapel offers (eg chapel services, graveside services, after care services, etc).

Chapel Tour- This section gives photos and information about the various rooms and artwork that are part of the chapel. Since there are many pictures, it downloads a bit slower than other pages.

Pre-Arrangement- This section gives information on making funeral arrangements before death occurs, and some of the state laws applicable to such arrangements.

Funeral Listings- This section gives a list of the people for whom The Dorfman Chapel made arrangements. This list includes upcoming arrangements and arrangements in the last 30 days. Services that are today or tomorrow are highlighted. The page gives the name of the deceased, the date of death, and the scheduled service date. From this page you can click on the person of interest and you will be taken to a page giving information on the person's age at death, city of residence, service times and places, including a map to the cemetery if applicable, family members, charitable contribution information, shiva information (and map if applicable), and officiating clergy. There is also a facility for you to send an email condolence. We also include a function that will list the yahrzeit dates for the next 10 years, and the ability to sign up for an annual email reminder of the yahrzeit. And for those funerals that have already taken place and were recorded, an ability to listen to the service online.

Profile of owners- This section gives information about Alan and Jonathan Dorfrman, the owners of The Dorfman Chapel. Photos are included.

Jewish Traditions- This section gives information about Jewish rites and burial traditions. Several hebrew terms are given with an english explanation. We also include the mourner's kaddish in hebrew with an english guide to pronunciation of the hebrew, as well as a translation of the hebrew.

Grief Resources- This section gives information and links on various grief resources available to help cope with the loss of a loved one.

Contact Us- You can use this page to send comments, questions, or seek information. Your inquiry will be sent to us electronically and we will answer your query via the method you specify.

Community Programs- The Dorfman Chapel is very active in the community and these pages indicate some of things we do for the community. We also list some of the commonly used charities for making memorium contributions.

Checklist After Death- This section gives a checklist of items to consider doing after the passing of a loved one.

Notification Services- The Dorfman Chapel has several notfication services available to you such as reminders of yahrzeit dates, daily notification of upcoming services, etc.

Website Oversite- This page you are reading gives an overview of the layout and pages of this website.

Privacy Policy- This section details the privacy policies of the website.

Map to Chapel- This will bring up a seperate window with a map showing the location of the chapel, which you can print, and links to the detailed directions mapping function.

The bottom of the page- The bottom of each page lists the chapel address and phone numbers. You can click on the address to be taken to a page giving a map and directions to the chapel.

We hope you find our web site to be helpful. If you have any comments you would like to share about the site please feel free to use our contact us page.

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